Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Kill The Animal

During our childhood we are fed with fantasy world, heroes, prince charming, princesses etc. But when we step into the world of reality things are totally 90 degrees opposite. Why do our parents not feed us about the world? If it is to protect us from the world of reality, it does not help. There are ways of exposing children to the world and at the same time protecting them. Can’t our parents tell us to stay away from strange type of men? Strangers who distribute sweets? From people who touch you? Can’t they make us more confident so that we can talk to them when some unknown person crosses the line of morals?

Who to turn too?
Long ago I read about a clergyman raping a 14year old girl and later she went to him every week at his demand, which concluded in making her 4 months pregnant. Many said it’s the girl’s fault that she went later too. But instead of accusing her just think that why did she not tell her parents? There could be many reasons for it, especially insecurity and fear of parents. She might have no one to talk too or get help.

Honor and Minorities
In the rural areas where women are killed in the name of honor when they marry on their own wishes, but there are cases when they have done nothing yet they become a victim of this ‘honor’. They are raped, paraded naked on streets only because their men have had illicit relationships with other women. If a girl raises her voice the influential people suppress it by accusing her of being involved in prostitution. Then how does anyone expect children to speak up? As times have changed now even the minorities are getting a brunt for speaking up or just practicing their own religion due to the perverted mindsets. There have been cases where ladies have been raped and paraded naked only because of their faith or because they know no one will come to save them.

Both Genders
There use to be a time when such issues were hardly discussed within the four walls of the house also, but today due to Media, children are exposed to all these things but parents’ guidance is lacking. Young children are vulnerable to all these ill deeds; hence they lose their innocence, childhood, their joys, and their love for life, faith in God. Young kids are easily manipulated and fallen prey to vultures who are in search of meat.
This is not only in support of females but males too. They too experience the same torture pain and loss. Just because they are young boys or men, it does not mean that they cannot be the victims too. This is not based on any religion on or particular nation, but it is a worldwide problem. Young boys and girls are kidnapped, sold and used in prostitution and drug smuggling. A time also comes when these people make prostitution as their life style. It influences their life in the future too. They can never have a normal life again even when they are in relationships or legal bonds memories do keep haunting, due to those experiences the victim lacks trust in people, and is never bold enough to speak up about their feelings.

The ironic thing is people hate prostitutes but why do we not hate those people who visit them? Why do we not hate those people who sold them, who made them reach that position? We are not ready to accept them as humans also. How come we are ready to adopt a child from an orphanage house but not from a prostitution den? Most of the kids in an orphanage are also illegitimate! How come such animals only think about satisfying their lust but not think about what the victim goes through?

The other day I heard a Maulvi say that if a woman is raped then she should provide four witnesses. I always have to debate with people with such mindsets because today the scientific world has advanced immensely, due to which DNA tests exist through which the truth can be found out. Even though the punishment rate is nil, as compared to the statistics of rape stories that are reported, we are missing out the stories that are never reported. In the past few months since the moratorium has been lifted there have been a number of executions taking place of rapist too along with murderers. 

Yet the figures have not decreased almost every day rape cases come to our knowledge but then what happens? Women are raped in public, or gang raped no one steps forward, why? What about those who are sexually harassed by relatives in childhood and have no proof of it, but their whole life is distorted after that! Then even the psychologist cannot bring back what you lost.

What we have to understand as humans is that no leader or saint can change us. We have to kill the animal from within. Otherwise shemale are far better humans as they atleast stick up for one another and accept one another as they are.


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  2. NOSE

    one word to describe all that is wrong and all that should not be done for this!